Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Basic Policy

ILLAMERI.CA (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is a Website run and managed by ILLROOTS, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “ILLROOTS”). ILLROOTS recognizes the importance of the appropriate handling of your personal information. In the management of the Service, ILLROOTS is bound by relevant laws and regulations and ensures the protection of your personal information through a strict management system in order to provide you with safe and secure use of this Website.


Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information about you (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") and is defined as information, including but not limited to, your name, address and telephone number that can be used to identify you from others. It also includes details that can be combined and cross-checked with other information to identify you as an individual.


Collection of Personal Information

When ILLROOTS requests you provide Personal Information on this Website, we will clearly explain how this information will be used and third parties to whom your information will be disclosed and obtain your express consent. You have the right to decide whether you provide us with your Personal Information and no pressure will be imposed on you by ILLROOTS. However if you choose not to provide ILLROOTS with your Personal Information there may be some services you will not be able to receive.


Use of Personal Information

ILLROOTS may ask you to provide Personal Information on this Website for use for the following purposes.

1. to provide you with brand, product or store information

2. to provide you with service information including special offers and events

3. conducting surveys

4. to ship products and collect payment for Web shopping purchases

5. to communicate with you in order to perform the above


Management and Security of Personal Information

ILLROOTS implements a variety of necessary and appropriate levels of security measures to protect Personal Information provided by you to prevent the disclosure, misuse, fabrication and illegal access to your information.


Management of Companies Contracted by ILLROOTS

ILLROOTS contracts other companies and may disclose to them Personal Information to assist in the handling of all or part of Personal Information collected from you in order to provide the services outlined in Use of Personal Information above. ILLROOTS requires that these companies conclude an agreement containing confidentiality clauses and employs a uniform screening and auditing process in the selection of its contractors in addition to appropriate management and monitoring systems.


SSL Security

SSL is employed on pages on this Website containing your Personal Information in order to prevent third parties from reading and fabricating this sensitive information. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communications over the Internet. Encoding your Personal Information with SSL protects your information from hackers and crackers to enable secure data transmission.



Cookies are small text files sent by a Website to the hard drive on your computer for record keeping purposes. Cookies store information about sites that you prefer and can be used to maximize your Web experience. The use of cookies is standard in the industry, and a large number of sites use cookies to provide their customers with a range of useful information. Although cookies may be used to identify a specific computer, they cannot be used to identify any particular individual. You can choose whether or not you wish to use cookies. Most computer browsers are set to enable cookies however, if you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, it is possible to set your browser to disenable the cookie feature. But you should note that disenabling this feature may prevent certain services and functions from operating properly on this Website.


This Website Uses Cookies for the following

•Cookies may be used to enable you a more convenient Web experience when providing customized services. These cookies are set when you access or log onto a customized Webpage.

•Cookies may also be used to calculate the number of visitors to this Website.


Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

With the exception of the following, ILLROOTS will not disclose Personal Information collected through this Website to third parties.

1. when ILLROOTS has your express consent

2. when there is a threat to the life, person, assets or other rights and income of you or a third party

3. when there is a threat of serious interruption in the provision of services on this Website

4. when provision of Personal Information is required by law

5. inquiries regarding Personal Information


If you have any concerns about your privacy when using ILLAMERI.CA, please contact us by e-mail at: